Joining the SCP Team

Thank you for your interest in joining the Springfield Christian Preschool team! SCP is always willing to accept applications and keep them on file if we are not currently hiring. Prior to completing the application, we encourage you to become familiar with our mission, vision, and core values outlined below.

  • Mission: SCP exists to prepare young children for a lifetime of learning about God and His World.
  • Vision: SCP strives to offer a Christ-centered, joyful, and purposeful learning environment where students are uniquely known and loved.
  • Core Values
    • Right Focus: It is our goal to make all decisions from a Christ-centered perspective. We believe that when we focus on Christ and children we can serve our families well (John 15:1-4)
    • Right Relationships: After a right relationship with Christ, SCP counts four other relationships as vital and works to build and maintain the relationships between: staff members and children; staff members and families; children and children; staff members and staff members (1 John 4:10-11)
    • Right Approach: It is our goal to have a GREAT team using GREAT strategies in a GREAT environment, allowing us to have a GREAT impact on the lives of children (Colossians 3:23)

SCP can best carry out its mission by hiring awesome people who have a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ. If you agree with our mission, vision, and core values and believe you could be an asset to our program, we encourage you to complete the application. As noted before, we may not always be hiring but we are always accepting applications for substitutes and to keep on file for future positions. If we are hiring and desire to meet with you to get to know you better, we will contact you via email. You are also always welcome to email us at if you have further questions about joining our team.

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